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Hair Care Tips

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How Do I Sleep With My Install?

When preparing for bed, it is essential that you tie the perimeter of your head with an elastic band. If you do not own an elastic band, use a satin scarf. After your lace is secured, apply your bonnet & have a great night's rest, knowing that you're secured!

How to Maintain Curly Hair

Before purchasing your curly extensions, please keep in mind that it is just as high maintenance as natural curls that grow from the scalp. To prevent tangling and matting, you must saturate your hair with: a detangling conditioner, water & silicon mix, or water & mousse and then detangle your hair in sections with a denman brush. To retain your hair's moisture, you may section your hair into large twists. Repeat this process daily.

How Do I Remove My Lace?

Three Methods:

1. Rubbing Alcohol (70%+)

2. Hair Oil (i.e. Wild Growth, Aargon Oil, etc.)

3. Mousse (i.e. Nairobi Mousse)

Apply one of the three products above directly onto the lace. Let it sit for about 30 seconds. Massage into your scalp, causing the glue to lose its traction. Remove.

With each of these steps, the most important factor is PATIENCE! Please be patient and take your time when removing your install.

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